“Rizzoli & Isles” You’re Everything to Me (Jane & Maura)

She was a victim of attempted kidnapping, no girls would talk to her because she was rumored to have stolen a girl’s boyfriend, and she never knows if boys are only interested in her for her looks or not. On the other hand, she gets beauty treatments and buys cute, expensive clothes because “people say a cute girl who isn’t fashionable must be a slob. This is not a review page. He also had to escape his Sex Slave position at Shinohome’s hand. Kojiro, being majorly Tall, Dark, and Handsome , gets unwanted attention from men like Anri unless its Shiro for his good looks as well. Riki of Ai no Kusabi is so attractive that he attracts attention from not only women but men as well, some of it unwanted. Iason in particular, made Riki his Sex Slave due to his looks and rebellious nature. Casca certainly has shades of this in the Golden Age Arc, but it’s even more prevalent after the Eclipse when she became insane. True to The Ophelia ideal, Casca is now much more desirable with the added bonus of becoming innocent and defenseless. Luca, Casca’s one-time kind-hearted prostitute caretaker , is aware of this, and tries to defy this outcome as best as she can by wrapping Casca’s face in bandages and passes her off as a victim of syphilis.

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XP You know lesbians, 2 degrees of separation. I guess I’ll start I write the Bass fics. I love your take on Bass.

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Establishing shots in the Rizzoli and Isles opening Establishing shots are neither subtle nor unique, but they’re still the easiest way to show an audience where your movie or TV show is set. When you’ve got 20 seconds for credits – less than most TV shows, but increasingly common to make way for an extra ad or two – every shot counts.

One of my favorite shows currently on the air is ”Rizzoli and Isles”, which is awesome for reasons I’ve written about previously. Now that I know Boston pretty well, I decided to attempt to locate the establishing shots in the theme. In the second intro , there are only three establishing shots. Each shot is on screen for about half a second – enough for our minds to say “Boston” without getting a true grip on where it is.

I’ve managed to track down the locations of all three, complete with a Google Maps street view. The images were all taken with fairly long lenses; you’ll want to zoom in a notch or two on each view. The first of these is a cityscape, centered on a small brick building in a concrete canyon: This is the Old State House , the oldest public building in Boston, dating back to It is also, to my knowledge, the oldest building that serves as an entrance to a subway station.


These two friends are as different from one another as can be. Jane Rizzoli Angie Harmon is a no-nonsense cop with an attitude and tomboy inclinations. Maura Isles Sasha Alexander is a brilliant though eccentric medical examiner, much more feminine and mild than Jane. As odd of a pairing as they may be, Jane and Maura are close friends who are always there for one another and have each other’s back.

Daegu – South Korea Paris – France; Busan – South Korea Sydney – Australia; Merida – Mexico.

Just a guy, living in Australia, writing for my own and hopefully others pleasure. For those keeping score, the Intersecting Line’s universe is, in order. Maura is happy to set him straight. NY, chasing a sex slavery ring 67 Chapter Complete ‘Intersecting Lines Book 3′ The next chapter in the lives of Jane and Maura and their friends, this one will feature cameos by just about everyone you could think of in television Law Enforcement Posting now “Intersecting Lines The Trial’ Running parallel to Intersecting Lines Book 3, it covers the trial of the corrupt cops that the team stalked and captured in Books 1 and 2.

Posted ‘Dark Diversions’ Regina and Emma discuss her penchant for watching Storybrook’s inhabitants Posted ‘Dark Disguises’ Henry prevails on both his moms to dress in costume for Halloween. Posted ‘Dark Despair’ In the aftermath of the defeat of a daemonic incursion into Storybrook, Emma confesses to a dark secret Posted ‘Dark Deliverance’ Neither Regina nor Emma have ever backed down from a challenge Posted ‘Dark Decadence’ Emma decides they should do a little role play.

Posting soon ‘Dark Dominance’ Regina and Emma have a battle of wills. Posting soon The Closer.

Speed Dating is for Losers, a rizzoli & isles fanfic

A book like candyfloss, suitable for preteen and t No idea who the YouTuber is, I just wanted to read something bright and cute and fun, and I got it. A book like candyfloss, suitable for preteen and teen readers alike, that makes wedding planning sound dreamy and includes some good introductory talking points about toxic friendships and panic attacks. Brooklyn Boy, and then I just straight up swooned as this author whoever she actually is proceeded to deliver the most fairy-tale-esque love-at-first-sight romance you have ever seen — please note that I don’t even normally LIKE that trope — featuring the most swoon-worthy boyfriend prospect a girl could dream up.

The G-rated romance features a guitar player who sweeps the MC off her feet so completely that I had to make a list of everything wonderful that happens as he:

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However, she will most likely not have an abortion for one of three reasons: She thinks it over for a while, then decides that, no, she’s going to keep the baby. This may be followed by a Convenient Miscarriage. Which, ironically, she will never be relieved by; she’ll be sad because now she wanted it. She actually decides to have it done, but somehow things don’t turn out as she expects, and her attempted abortion is aborted.

If she actually goes through with the abortion, and doesn’t suffer gruesome complications from the procedure or a certain amount of moral guilt and uncertainty afterwards, it’s usually to show that she’s a deeply damaged, screwed-up individual. If this happens, but it is played for laughs, it’s a Black Comedy. If the male character who got her pregnant voices support for the abortion option, it’s played as a Kick the Dog moment to show what a jerkass the guy is.

Writing a character who has an abortion and feels ambivalent or uneasy about her choice is generally verboten. However, if the character decides to keep the child, a large avenue of potential plot lines opens up for the writer to exploit. The other ‘a’ word adoption hardly ever enters into consideration even if abortion itself is ruled out.

There are several reasons for this. In serial media such as television and comic books, a baby given up for adoption can be seen as a dangling plot thread that the audience will expect to be picked up some day. Also, adoption requires carrying the baby to term.


Hoofdpersonages[ bewerken ] Angie Harmon als Jane Rizzoli: Ze is van een Italiaanse – Amerikaanse familie. In tegenstelling tot Maura kleedt Jane zich vaak mannelijk.

LGBT “Rizzoli And Isles” Is The Gayest Non-Gay Show On Television. This TNT drama features a homicide detective and medical examiner duo with crazy chemistry.

Will they ever become canon? I spent a really long time on that post. At the outset I felt that it would be appropriate to talk about them both in the same post, because I felt they were similar in the issues surrounding them. However, as I wrote, I realized they are not as similar as I first thought, so I am posting them here as two separate posts, edited and expanded into standalone pieces. This thought actually pops up in my mind a lot, but I usually just sigh and then quell it with pretty graphics and fanfiction and undeniable subtext.

The most obviously gay-for-each-other award goes to the Rizzles girls. I have terrible gaydar. But if you only showed me scenes of Jane Rizzoli complete with that disgusted face she makes at the mere mention of dating men in any capacity , my gaydar would STILL ping loudly and insistently. And I watch a lot of television. Maura pings my admittedly terrible gaydar in more subtle ways, and I personally read her as pansexual. I believe she knows that sexuality is not fixed in place, nor is it determined by gender, and there has been nothing in canon that speaks against this reading of her character.

Even Sasha Alexander agrees with me; she told told AfterEllen. Even the men that are coming through are kind of all over the map. So I think that would be the same thing with women.

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They find something else entirely. I’m just borrowing them. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. Edited by the great Rosa.

Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) to jedyna kobieta detektyw w bostońskim wydziale zabójstw. Ostra i żywiołowa jest przeciwieństwem patolog Maury Isles (Sasha Alexander).

Tell me you have all seen the promo. The Rizziles, season 2, promo 4 – the “I can’t believe you two think you’re straight” promo. If you haven’t go watch it now. So in response to that lovely promo I just had to write this. It’s a little different then my normal writing style but still good, I think. I even put off doing dishes and sleeping for it. Yes ladies, I’m dedicated when I want to be. I’ve only been able to write it backwards for some reason, so I know the ending but not the beginning.

Which is just odd for me. And if your name is Humphrey, or you’re really close with someone with that name

Iwa Moto Dating Rizzoli And Isles Fanfiction Speed Dating

She will posses the sheriff’s heart and then crush it. But what happens when nothing goes as planned? Rated M for language and Swan Queen sexytimes. Once Upon a Time – Rated: Regina Mills is the owner of a private island named Shadow Haven.

If she actually goes through with the abortion, and doesn’t suffer gruesome complications from the procedure or a certain amount of moral guilt and uncertainty afterwards, it’s usually to show that she’s a deeply damaged, screwed-up individual.

Her arms sway back and forth as the Caribbean air billows through the thigh-high slit. She gives the camera a small smile as the sun radiates off her skin and the tide tiptoes towards the shore. It makes sense that CBS Watch! Magazine would send her over to the Caribbean for a photoshoot. I come to realize that, unlike Iris West, Candice Patton is equipped with a power of her own.

The Mississippi-born and Texas-bred thespian participated in school productions and out of school drama programs throughout her entire life. In high school, Candice was a cheerleader until she tore her anterior cruciate ligament during her senior year. The injury kept her benched for the remainder of the season, but allowed her to focus on acting. She ended up pursuing theatre at Southern Methodist University in Dallas the following year.

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Chapter 1 Jane C. Rizzoli, Homicide Detective of Boston Police Department is a very confident woman with sass and bravado. Therefore, for her it’s hard sometimes when going out on a date with a guy, he’s pretty much either intimidated by her height, intrigued of her handcuffs, annoyed from her badge, or even her raspy-deep voice. It’s crazy though but true of how men sometimes precedes her, she’s really a very good-looking woman.

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Janes POV One week later. I walked a sobbing Maura out of custody court. We lost, we didn’t get Isaac. His father came for him and won. I walked Maura down to the car and she crawled in. It’s not fair, I mean the mother left him to us.

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We can only aspire to create spaces that generate emotions and sensations of wellbeing. The rest is up to those who inhabit them. Encanto is a great labyrinth whose exits open out onto and are completed by the ocean. The building tries to retain a human scale, occasionally narrow, even small compared to or in contrast with its great heights; it has corners where only two people fit, intimate spaces that shelter and protect its guests.

Everything was playfully created to generate continual momentum from the sea, to compel those staying there to seek and find a way out, arriving at it always and capturing it with their gazes. Mar Adentro was conceived in the year and completed in by local craftsmanship.

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“Rizzoli & Isles” You’re Everything to Me (Jane & Maura)