Responses to the Shidduch Proposal

Saturday, November 2, Shidduch Dating: As I was leaving, the Rebbetzin said something like “You should bring your daughter next time. You never know, maybe she and our grandson will make a good shidduch! I mean, we were talking about four-year-olds for crying out loud! So what is a shidduch anyway? It denotes a match made between a man and a woman though if I’m not mistaken it connotes peacefulness.

Frum Dating Theory

When Does the Aveilus Begin and for Whom? His argument was that a man and his son who would look like each other and both would appear to be young and vigorous would come together to a new place and the townspeople would not know to whom to give more honor and respect. In our world, we have many cases where fathers and sons look alike, but it is very obvious as to whom is the father and whom is the son. The individual who is wider around the waist and white in the beard and the head, the one with more wrinkles on his skin — he is the father.

The following sites provide information about online dating services and matchmakers (shadchanim) in Israel. Online Dating Sites: – This is a free dating site. Here’s how it works: You select a matchmaker who searches for suitable matches on your behalf.

Learning a chapter of this book each morning will help all Jews. Halachic Issues in Arranging a Shidduch 1. Though everyone feels qualified to be a shadchan, one must exercise great caution. Children born of marriages arranged by untrained shadchanim, G-d Forbid, decide to work, and not learn full-time. Most matchmakers are in it for the money, therefor poskim agree that you should sign pre-shidduch agreements, limiting the amount they can charge. In the event of a good shidduch, a shadchan receives their honorarium, according to all authorities, after the main meal is served.

Min Ha Torah[6], Parents have no right to veto or approve potential shidduchim. However, Rabbinically, they can veto a shidduch for any good reason.

Shidduch Coaching: Successful Dating Tips

Many ofthe members are becoming involved in the “shidduch parsha” for their sons and daughters of marriageable age In recognition of the issues that such a situation raises, the shul will be offering a series of seminars for parents of prospective chassanim and kallahs. This seminar will include the following workshops given by noted local community experts:

Dating is reserved for mature men and women who have reached marriageable age and are actively seeking their life mate. Shidduch: Jewish Dating. Tying the Knot for the Second Time. The Wedding. Married Life. Audio & Video. Related Topics. The Jewish Woman Jewish News Moshiach Jewish Kids Zone Kabbalah Online Israel – The.

It is with trepidation I write this — the last time I wrote about Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes I got hundreds of hits for people seeking to buy underpants. But anyway, here goes. Shirat Devorah posts about a new development in the always exciting field of segulos: Received via email from a friend of a friend of a friend A true story A young lady was waiting for her basherte. Within a short while she was engaged to be married. I think I’ll add some justification to this.

In the beginning of maseches Kiddushin , we learn: From Point by Point Summary , for a quick translation: Why did the Torah said that a man takes a woman, and not vice-versa? Because it is the way of the man to purse the woman, not vice-versa; i. Woman was taken created from man – it is natural that the one who lost an object, he looks for it. Thus, one’s spouse might be termed a lost article, and the segulah is indeed appropriate!


The practice[ edit ] In strictly Orthodox Jewish circles, dating is limited to the search for a marriage partner. Both sides usually the singles themselves, parents, close relatives or friends of the persons involved make inquiries about the prospective partner, e. A shidduch often begins with a recommendation from family members, friends or others who see matchmaking as a mitzvah , or commandment.

Shidduchim – Singles dating via shadchanim Look for a shadchan who has found shidduchim for singles similar in hashkafa or background to your child. Keep in touch with the shadchan.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, and unprepared? Call us for details about our tailor-made curriculum? She rubbed her ankle and let out a muffled moan. Before I had time to realize what was happening, I was sitting by myself, in Shabbos clothes and makeup, in a Starbucks booth. Tatty would have picked you up. Easier to walk home. Her Shabbos coat was woolen and elegant, but not very warm. Not like her padded fleece coat, which she would never dream of wearing on a shidduch date.

Adina wanted to kill him. That was her first, visceral, emotion. How could that boy treat her daughter this way?


When I was pregnant with my oldest, I shocked my mother by telling her that we were considering the name Ido pronounced eeDO with a long O. Now, I would think nothing of it but none of my sons is called that. Maor, Etai and Gavriel this one always gets great reactions. Here are some other popular boys names in the neighborhood: That ought to get you started.

The Shidduch Site is designed to be the ultimate resource for Orthodox observant singles in the Mid-Atlantic area. Although its focus is on the Maryland, D.C., Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania regions, much of the content on the site is applicable to shidduch dating singles everywhere.

Theodor Herzl , founder of the modern Zionist movement, was an assimilated Austrian Jew. At first, most of those immigrating to Palestine were Orthodox Jews who moved due to the holiness of the Land of Israel and their wish to be buried in Jerusalem due to the belief that the Messiah will resurrect those interred in Jerusalem before the rest of the world.

With the onset of numerous pogroms throughout Eastern Europe, some Jews moved to the Holy Land —”made aliyah”—citing security, freedom of religion, and strong Zionist affinities. During the first wave — of Zionist aliyah , and especially during the Second Aliyah — the Jewish population of Ottoman Palestine , consisting mainly of secular or nontraditional Jews, greatly increased.

These immigrants and their offspring founded cities such as Tel Aviv and established kibbutzim inspired by socialist theory, which was not necessarily connected to Judaism as a religion or a set of values. As the number of new immigrants increased, so did the proportion of secular Jews.

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The Birmingham J-Soc ball: Obviously if it were up to her I would have gone to a London-based university and commuted daily from home. However, given the circumstances, this was her most ideal outcome. Get The Jewish News Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up She demanded that I was to instantly decide on the weekends that I would be returning home, in order for her put the dates into her diary and pre-plan all of my favourite Friday night dinners.

On a basic level, The Shidduch Crisis is a growing issue in Jewish communities resulting in not enough singles getting married and those who are dating, encountering increased difficulty and hardship finding their match and dealing with the shidduch process.

Tweet The adage mitzvah goreret mitzvah one mitzvah leads to another is something that most of us do not think about very often. However, the organization YUConnects has been working on this concept quite literally—to bring singles together while also doing chesed. YUConnects plans ongoing events for singles groups such as hiking, lectures, cooking and shiurim. However, they kicked it up a notch with a partnership with Yad Leah this past yom tov season.

Yad Leah is known to many of us as a clothing reclamation center, where all goods are sent to Israel after being packed and sorted at their Passaic warehouse. A rotation system took place that allowed the female members to stay at one particular table and learn the task at hand. The male attendees rotated after 10 minutes from table to table where the specifics of the packing, sorting and boxing were explained by the female team members.

A note was inserted into each box with the message of love. After five years, that policy was changed to expand to all singles who were interested in utilizing its services. The organization is self-funded and relies solely on donations to continue its work. More and more people sign up every day as the demand for our services continue to grow. Fast forward a few months, and an engagement was announced. Esther Gittel shared her hakarat hatov to YUConnects and Yad Leah for the idea of bringing singles together while having the opportunity to do an act of chesed.

You’re Not Crazy: Adventures in Shidduchim

Finding prevalence statistics specifically focused on shidduchim is even harder. On of the problem of using divorce statistics is that part of the high reported rates of divorce is that people who get divorced also can remarry, and remarriages tend to be less stable than first marriages. This inflates the overall divorce statistics. A published study by Kennedy and Ruggles in seems to suggest that the high rates of divorce have dropped after the 90’s as defined as the percentage of ever-married persons who have ever been divorced or separated, as opposed to the incidence of divorced.

This decline is more than cancelled out, however, by a massive increase among persons in their 50s. By , almost one-half of ever-married persons had been divorced or separated by the time they reached their late 50s.

The shidduch site is designed to be the ultimate resource for Orthodox observant singles in the Greater Baltimore / Washington, D.C. area. It focusses on the Maryland, D.C., Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania regions.

Merav Yitzhaki, 25, had bariatric surgery, gave up on snacks and pastries and lost more than half her weight. Now she awaits her suitor. A Lubvitcher girl speaks openly about her obesity and her struggles. Love, so they say, changes people forever. But a changeover like the one undergone by Merav Yitzhaki, a young woman affiliated with the Chabad Hasidic movement, must have required some help from God as well. As part of her attempts to find a proper match, Merav had a series of operations, lost 93 kilograms pounds and redefined the concept of a diet.

Now, with her new look, she feels available for a serious relationship preferably with a Chabadnik, of course. And then, about a year ago, she looked in the mirror and saw a girl weighing 62 kilos pounds with a lot of excess skin, which used to cover her kilos in the past. In order to look her best and fit into the dating world, Merav was treated by Dr.