Can u write a BTS reaction when the boys find out that they look like your ex-boyfriend? Reaction requests are currently closed but feel free to request something else: You were in your bikini and he was just in a pair of board shorts. The way his hair was styled all the way to how much taller he was to you. Originally posted by jungkookpresent Taehyung: It was a picture on your wall when he first came to your apartment, it was you, him and a group of friends together at a gold course, it looked like it was a big group date.

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Seventeen Version Jungkook Kai: When he knew EXO would also be at the same awards show BTS would be at Jungkook would purposefully have his hand in yours or arm wrapped around you just because he felt protective over you when he knew Jongin would be around. Originally posted by suhocean V Suho: He knew that you used to date older men even though you yourself was only a year older than Taehyung.

Junmyeon and you stayed close friends even after breaking up and Taehyung was perfectly fine with that. Originally posted by dazzlingkai Jimin Sehun:

Taehyung as Hansung is giving you trouble (H/F/ not real A but a tiny bit? And a tiny indication of M) And a tiny indication of M) You watched the newest Hwarang episode (18) and write Taehyung (F/H).

Two stranger met at strange circumstances. She found herself being chased by strangers. She suddenly had to act as his girlfriend. He discovered a secret about her without meaning to. He suddenly wanted to help her. Two stranger got involved with each other in a foreign country. And they spent one day and one night running away from their own lives and decided to experience new awaken dream. Would these two stranger fall for each other?! A dream like journey in France.

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I think this would be a typical issue in relationships between two idols. He got the call from one of the younger boys telling him that he HAD to look your name up on twitter. He had no idea what he was supposed to be looking for. At first, he expected to see pictures of you looking great for your interview or something.

The boys were constantly trying to make him flustered at the sight of you looking sexy. But his attitude completely changed when he saw the pictures of you and your co-star, Kyungsoo, together.

Pages: 1 leicester speed dating soriano dating daan bts v dating someone. 17 08 – Read KIM TAEHYUNG(V) from the story INFO ABOUT BTS by. If you could date someone, it would be with someone who loves him very much.

He was there when you needed him most, and now, he needs you. Seokjin, fluff and plot if you squint haha Word count: It was a delightful day, a delightful season, where the greens of trees grew and winds blew your unruly tendrils around your face. You fucking hated this time of year. Sure, it was visually appealing and abuzz with liveliness, but you knew your heat was fast approaching, and with every whiff caught in every wind—an overwhelming scent of a nearby male who could possibly tame your desires—you had to fight the beast within not to take control.

The last thing you needed was to top just anybody in public. Well, it was your own stupid decision not to stay home. You were risking so much being out and about with your urges fluctuating, especially since you lived in a thriving urban area on the coast, where foot traffic never ceased; you were constantly surrounded every second spent beyond the confines of your apartment. Normally you acted more responsibly, keeping away from the public.

But for some reason, your legs carried you to the beach this blue afternoon where children laughed and sand scuttled beneath your toenails; a reason unbeknownst to you. This would mark your forth heat at ripe young age of twenty-one, all the while you still managed to keep an innocent tail tucked between your legs. Truth be told, you kept to yourself because you were mate-less, and finding someone entirely complacent with sating your heat with no strings attached seemed difficult and frankly—too time-consuming.

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Hips Facts about Baekhyun: When he was in high school, Baekhyun often made cute expressions so his friends would laugh. He thinks that he is naturally cute.

your faves are shitty. Cool World. Member 8, posts Location “I just love Sehun so much. I can’t think of a person who makes me smile so much just by looking at them, not even my parents or siblings or friends or even my crush”.-Mangoo.

As fans, we all have our biases and personal favorites from the long list of all KPOP male idols. But who’s got the biggest fanbase? Who is the most popular? Find out who’s who in this list. G-Dragon Big Bang A handsome man who excels in singing, dancing, and rapping. He is recognized in the group as the ‘most fashionable’ one, and is noted for his constantly changing image and tight control over his artistry and has strongly opposed the idea of singers as “products” of the entertainment industry.

Kwon Ji-yong Born on: August 18, He built a pension motel as a gift to his family, and fans can also stay there! He had a cafe named ‘Monstant Cafe’ in Jeju Island. L Infinite His cute eyes are shaped like crescent moon when he smiles. He debuted as a vocalist and visual of Infinite in

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V real name is Kim Taehyung. His birthday is 30 December He likes searching for good songs that not many people know about it. V favourite color is Black, white, green V Blood Type is AB. But sometimes he comes up with really good ideas and surprises us.

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When EXO gets a new female manager and Xiumin develops a crush: When he stays home to take care of a sick you: Going food shopping with Junmyeon: When Yixing tries to show off to his wife and son but things end up being bad for him: Daddy Yixing can get you so worked up sometimes: When a spill sets off an argument: Getting into a fight with Baekhyun and he does something special to apologize: Fluffy shower smut with Baekhyun: When Chen gets turned on while watching you clean: Meeting Jongdae at a University campus: Jongdae is low-key daddy: He lies to see you shower:

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The girl also fit JungKook’s ideal type which is someone who stands. Just to point out, there’s been no confirmed dating for anyone in BTS. I’m sure you already. V was speculated to be dating a fan called HI, who he often mentions and posts pictures of something that looks similar to her fan letter. V had quite a list of demands starting at someone who gets more. It has already been 4 years since these seven people have been living together.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna.

I hope you like it. Kevin has an obsession with Reader and Reader eventually calls him out. Originally posted by bungeegumhunter This boy made your skin crawl. Kevin Khatchadourian had been following you, and you knew it. Anytime you were around, Kevin somehow was too. You had one class together— chemistry— and yet he bumped into you seven times a day, once a locker break between periods.

Something about him just made you nervous. Maybe it was his dark hair that fell around his face in tufts. Maybe it was the eyes. Or, could it be the bone structure, every line sharp and every curve smooth?