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United States Foreign Service Johann Breyer, an year-old Northeast Philadelphia man facing possible extradition to Germany for Nazi war crimes as an SS guard at the Auschwitz death camp right , was hospitalized over the weekend, throwing the future of U. Johann Breyer, a retired tool and die maker, who immigrated to Philadelphia in , has been in federal custody since last month, when the U. Department of Justice initiated extradition proceedings against him. The department’s efforts are based on a German warrant charging Breyer with aiding and abetting the murder of trainloads of European Jews, and comes amid a renewed push in that country to hold to account surviving SS soldiers who played even ancillary roles in the Holocaust. Since his arrest in June, Breyer has been ill, and his health has continued to decline, his lawyer, Dennis Boyle, said Monday. In recent years, he has suffered a series of ministrokes, and is being treated for a heart condition and dementia. Boyle said he had not yet learned what specifically prompted Breyer’s weekend hospitalization. Magistrate Judge Timothy Rice on Monday canceled an extradition hearing scheduled for this week and said he would decide the case based upon written arguments. The judge also reversed a decision denying Breyer bail, citing health concerns. Prosecutors in Weiden, Germany, obtained a warrant for Breyer last year, alleging that as a perimeter guard between and at Auschwitz in Nazi-occupied Poland, he provided vital support to a death camp responsible for the slaughter of nearly one million Jews.

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Applications are available on January 1 and must be received by midnight September 1, Grant applications and application information are available on-line at http: Many equestrians face the loss of land available for equestrian use – whether for riding, training, competing, breeding or growing hay and grain. In practical terms, what that means is that equestrians are losing acres of open land per hour.

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To some extent, the ENFJ defines themself by the closeness and authenticity of their personal relationships, and are therefore highly invested in the business of relationships. They have very good people skills, and are affectionate and considerate. They are warmly affirming and nurturing. The excel at bringing out the best in others, and warmly supporting them. They want responding affirmation from their relationships, although they have a problem asking for it.

When a situation calls for it, the ENFJ will become very sharp and critical. After having made their point, they will return to their natural, warm selves. They may have a tendency to “smother” their loved ones, but are generally highly valued for their genuine warmth and caring natures. ENFJs as Lovers “To love means to open ourselves to the negative as well as the positive – to grief, sorrow, and disappointment as well as to joy, fulfillment, and an intensity of consciousness we did not know was possible before.

They’re totally dedicated to the relationship, and to their partner, and have a special skill for warmth and affirmation which brings out the best in their mates. They take their commitments seriously, and are likely to put forth a lot of effort into making a relationship work once they have commited themselves to it. In the event that a relationship fails, the ENFJ will feel a lot of guilt, and take on blame for the failure, but they will move on with their lives with relative ease, without looking backwards.


The principle method of operation may predate the Mastercrafters Fantasy clock. There are three pieces of glass. The front piece has the numerals. The rear plate has a hole in the center with a pin that supports the center glass and the hand assembly. The center glass moves imperceptibly slowly to advance the hands and is driven through a roller arm and motor in the base.

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Volume 77, Issue 4 , October , Pages Review The potential of South African plants in the development of new medicinal products Author links open overlay panel B. Van Wyk Show more Open Archive in partnership with SAAB Under a Creative Commons license open archive Abstract Southern Africa is an important focal point of botanical and cultural diversity but only a few plant species have hitherto become fully commercialised as medicinal products. In recent years there has been an upsurge in research and development activity, resulting in several new products and new crops.

In this review, more than 90 of the best-known and most promising indigenous South African plants are listed and subjectively evaluated in the context of their potential for commercialisation as medicinal products for a variety of applications. The history of product development relating to the following species is briefly discussed and the plants and some of their products are illustrated:

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September 26, — Senior U. District Court Judge and U. Sentencing Commissioner Charles R. Breyer was selected as the recipient of the 34th Annual Edward J. Each year, the Devitt Award is presented to a highly respected Article III federal judge who has achieved a distinguished career, made exceptional contributions to the administration of justice, and demonstrated a deep commitment to the rule of law and the advancement of society as a whole. Kennedy, a panel of three federal judges considered nominees from mid-August through mid-September and notified Judge Breyer on Friday of their decision via a personal call from Justice Kennedy.

The selection panel consisted of one U. District Court judge Judge Lucy Koh. Judge Breyer will formally accept the award at the U. Supreme Court on November 7, And he brings a wealth of experience and good judgment to the work of the Sentencing Commission. He has worked tirelessly to improve and to simplify the sentencing guidelines and to make them trusted tools for the federal judiciary.

He also approaches our work with a devotion to collegiality and collaboration.

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Valetk is Of Counsel in the International Commercial Practice Group in the New York office, advising global organizations on privacy and data security compliance requirements. His practice is focused on delivering commercially practical advice on designing security, privacy, and technologically compliant solutions.

Williams concentrates his practice in commercial real estate and finance law, including all aspects of real estate acquisition, disposition, financing, leasing and development. Williams has represented lenders of all sizes and scale in their real estate finance needs for more than 15 years.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger kook, yet a more genuine innovator, than Genesis P-Orridge, the self-dubbed pandrogenous cofounder of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. Tonight, Genesis.

Social Pressures survey, respondents. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal. Perhaps it is best that they make up only three percent of the population, lest they overwhelm the more timid and sensitive personality types that make up much of the rest of the world — but we have ENTJs to thank for many of the businesses and institutions we take for granted every day.

This quality makes people with the ENTJ personality type brilliant entrepreneurs, and their ability to think strategically and hold a long-term focus while executing each step of their plans with determination and precision makes them powerful business leaders. This determination is often a self-fulfilling prophecy, as ENTJs push their goals through with sheer willpower where others might give up and move on, and their Extraverted E nature means they are likely to push everyone else right along with them, achieving spectacular results in the process.

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Prisoners sentenced to death in the State of Oklahoma filed an action in federal court under Rev. For two independent reasons, we also affirm. First, the prisoners failed to identify a known and available alternative method of execution that entails a lesser risk of pain, a requirement of all Eighth Amendment method-of-execution claims.

I A The death penalty was an accepted punishment at the time of the adoption of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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Christina is on her way out the door of Richmond Trinity Hospital, but of course, that’s not possibe. Another nurse has called in sick so she’s pulling a “straight In the main Christina storyline a pregnant teen named Cyrstal comes in having contractions. First one couple arrives claiming to be the adoptive the parents, then another. Each is crestfallen to learn about the other. Then the bio-father Curtis shows up and starts arguing with Crystal.

Crystal tells Christina that Curtis threatened her and is the one who came up with the double-dipping parent scheme. Each one was giving her money as well as the money they gave to their adoption agencies. Curtis says it was actually the other way around.


Food historians confirm the European practice of topping baked goods most notably pie and cake with rich cream sauce, whipped dates to Renaissance times. Historic cookbooks offer several examples; none of which are titled “a la mode. While the phrase is French, we find no supporting print evidence the combination of ice cream topped dessert originated in that country.

Barry Popik, etymolotgist extrodinaire, traces the phrase to the late s. Our survey of historic American newspapers confirms the phrase became popular in the early 20th century. It has some currency in English in the eighteenth century and nineteeth centuries in the compressed form alamode beef.

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The “deckless” pic of our house! It had been installed and double dead bolted shut since it opened to a dangerous ten foot drop to the patio below. There was no time to think about adding a deck to relax on. What even is that???? Almost as soon as we settled into this house, a perfectly beautiful backdrop for making many lasting family memories together, the stress ramped up.

Family memories began to mean more to me than they had before. Pool time followed by a grilled dinner, eaten as a family on our picnic table was a favorite. It was difficult to say the least due to the logistics of where the kitchen was in relation to where our grill was located. My mind just wandered there. I began to secretly save money whenever I could to make this deck dream come true for our family. Then sit there together until it was dark outside, watching the stars in the summer sky twinkle down at us!

And then, in January of , I said it again… And the kids laughed. I sat down and drew a rough sketch with rough measurements using one of the kids school rulers!


This is totally outrageous. Eisner to the IAC board also. It was founded by Harvardian James W. This action caused the stock price to plummet. Breyer and his father James P.

Breyer found “evidence of anti-religious bias” and was joined by Justice Elena Kagan in a somewhat restrained dissent, but Sotomayor spoke emotionally for about 20 minutes.

Golombek on Breyer Pages quote extracts from three Times columns by Harry Golombek , and , but only the years are specified. Full citations exact dates and page numbers were given in C. As the play of each round drew to a close, Harry would arrive and ask me for the score sheets so he could write his newspaper and news agency reports.

Soon he was to become famous for his slogan Black is OK! He is a truly independent thinker and, just like Breyer, does not seek equality with the black pieces — but counterattack! I remember asking him during the tournament if he would annotate one particularly mind-boggling encounter for the bulletin and he replied: Here is just one of his striking opening ideas that is still being subjected to deep analysis today.

However subsequent analysis suggested that White actually stood better here and so the text was recommended as an improvement. He even wrote a manuscript on his top secret wartime experiences at Bletchley, where he was part of the famous Enigma code-breaking team with Alan Turing, Hugh Alexander, Stuart Milner Barry, etc. Harry was one of the very few later writers to express their appreciation of Breyer in print.

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